Work as Play


One of the most wonderful things in my day to day work world is getting so much satisfaction from the endless creative possibilities a commercial sign shop provides. I remember my father telling me as a child if you choose a career you love you never have to work a day in your life. Well it may have been a little embellished but it has its point. The day to day tasks of running a sign shop, like Keene Signworx,  involve things every business requires like paper work, meetings and sweeping the floor but the real fun for me is the dreaming up then designing, bulding and installing signs and creations of all sorts. A sign shop is the perfect blend of shop class and art class my two favorites in school. I spent my early working years trying all sorts of different things but was alway bored to easily. I enjoyed building cabinets but after a while they are all just boxes with some small differences. I would probably enjoyed building furtiture more had I been more involve with one of a kind design build work. Welding and house building felt the same. To much physical work and not enough mental challenge. I considered many avenues in search of a trade or career path and when I boiled it down to its essense the only thing I knew was that I liked to make things. It couldn't be the same thing over and over. In fact in its best form making things would involve confronting a challenge, finding a creative solution, following that up with making whatever you dream up...starting to sound like a custom dimensional sign shop. Oh its great to see your work as play. Then throw in a mid-day mountain bike ride with my dog Elsie and its hard to see where work ends and play starts.

Next time I will show off my new welding bench...more fun!

Peter Poanessa