Conceptual Design
Your sign is not just about its message, it's about what it can do for the look and feel of your business. When you hire Keene Signworx we work with you to develop a conceptual design. The conceptual design is our creative process that finds a way for your business to stand out in a crowded marketplace. This is where we excel. Creative use of virtually any material available in the hands of our band of craftspeople has produced dozens of award winning signs over the years. We use modern CNC technology and traditional craftsmanship to make our clients stand out. This is especially important if you are just starting a new business. A persons first impression is most often formed by their perception of your store front or sign.


In addition to the conceptual design, you will get a complete sign design incorporating important engineering details about structure, size, and type of mounting from an experienced graphic designer. Owner and founder, Peter Poanessa, has designed more than 7200 commercial signs since 1985. Eleven of these signs have won major awards at national sign shows. (See award winning signs in the Sign Photo Gallery


When getting a quote for your sign it's important to make sure the design, construction, and installation are included and the engineering details are correct. At Keene Signworx, we extend the extra effort to make sure all the site design and engineering issues have been thoroughly dealt with for your new sign. Sign fabrication techniques are as varied as the shops that produce them. You will find the quality of finished product from Keene Signworx is second to none. We pride ourselves on producing extremely weather durable signs. We use a wide variety of materials from 23K gold leaf and synthetic sign panels, to clear grain mahogany, copper and bronze. Call or e-mail us today to discuss your project.