Big Whisk for Little City Baking Co.

Little city baking company whisk handle

We have two projects in the shop right now that include 3D objects. Other than that they couldn't be more different. The 6' diameter hamburger we will leave for another day. Today's piece is a part of a new store front we are working on in Brattleboro Vt. It is for a bakery called Little City Baking and part of their logo has a whisk. The owner wanted this whisk as her sign, no lettering, just the whisk. As the job evolved we added logos and an another part of the logo, (a girl on a bike with a loaf of bread!) on the big glass windows. All in all it will be a very interesting, creative and effective way of promoting her store.  Staying within the sign codes allowable size we built the whisk at 46" tall. It is made entirely out of aluminum with the exception of the stainless steel eye bolt at the top. We cut the top and bottom of the handle on the CNC which enabled us to machine a nice tight receptacle for the whisk wires. The wire is 3/16" aluminum rod and the end caps are 1/8". It is assembled with Methyl Methacrylate a structural adhesive. We will be off to install the whisk and the window graphics tomorrow and hopefully have some goodies.

Build a big whisk for Little city baking company
Little city baking company big whisk
Peter Poanessa