Revisiting an old project

Markem imaje.jpg
markem imaje revised sign and logo.

Change it seems is constant which is good for a sign shop. In the shop this week we have a redo of sorts. A few years back a local company, Markem, was acquired by a French company and the name changed to markem-Image. New name new logo thus new sign. We are quite fond of what we call floating letters. This is simply mounting letters to custom made brackets that allow us to "float" the letters away from a wall. It is a nice visual with the shadows and this logo seemed perfect for it. For this one we used 1" galvanized steel tubing and shaped it to a long slight arc. The circle portion of the logo is about 4' across and is made from high density urethane. Fast forward to now and they company gets bought again. This time the new company adds their name so now it is Markem-Image a Dover company. So this beautiful piece of commercial art is soon to be replaced by a slightly newer version. I'll post the new photos when we install it.