Trinity Lutheran Church sign finished and installed.

Once in a while a project comes out just right. Not to often. We always strive for that but most of the time, as we are our own worst critics, we stand back and think, oh we could have done this a little different. That outline was to thick, that color was a little off etc. It can be endless for a true signgeek...or two. Yetserday we were lucky enough to complete a pretty complex sign project that came out "Just Right". It was another version of our composite build this time with a welded steel internal frame and decorative wrought iron florishes.  Its 39" X 57" X 3" overall. The primary lettering is hand laid 23K gold leaf with an engine turned hand applied finish. It was an added joy to have completed this after getting the intitial phone inquiry over a year ago. It was a long slow process to get everyone one on board, get the needed funds raised and turn the idea into a reality but for us the satisfaction of a job well done was worth it all.

back side of the Trinity Lutheran sign
Trinity Lutheran Church sign in the works
Trinity Lutheran Church sign cropped

It is always a challenge to work with a group instead of an individual so patience and understanding are very helpful.  Our initial meeting was in Nov. of 2013 and over the next year we continued to meet send designs and quoted by e-mail and then more face to face meetings. When they paid the design fee I wondered if the sign would ever get built. But in time a signed order and deposit showed up. The design with only one post, a large sign panel and rigid connection to the post demanded a very beefy bracketing scheme. Bring out the steel. I used 3" X 1/4" steel for the plate and then ran 2" square tubing all the way out to the edge but inside the sign so it isn't visible. When we did the final assembly I was relieved how strong it all felt. Some jobs get more fussing than usual and this was one of them. We even smalted the custom made post cap. In the end we felt good about how the project turned out and the church loved their new sign... Amen!