Fun week in the sign shop

100 yrs old Court house sign being reburbished
100 yr old antique lettering from the first Courthouse sign
100 yr old painted letters from the old court house sign

We always seem to have something interesting in the works, but this is a special week for us with two interesting projects unfolding. We have a sign in the shop for restoration that is over 100 years old for the County Court House in Keene. It has hand made wood letters that were gilded originally but had been badly painted over at some point. It also had a smalted background which had also been redone at least once but the sign was in remarkably good condition.

Prime Roast mural
Prime Roast wall mural in the early stages
Prime Roast mural preparation

And we have an old fashioned outdoor wall mural in the works at Prime Roast's newly renovated Brick House Roastery on Rt 101 also in Keene. Here are a couple of shots of each with more to follow soon.