Installation Day

Merrimack County Savings Bank

Sometimes when a project is large and complicated it will be weeks of fabricating and finishing. Then add in the tough winter weather which makes scheduling a day to go out and install a moving target and it can seem like the sign has always been in our shop. Well today we finally installed a large carved sign we started in early January. It is made on a light weight curved wooden form that is built to accept a 1" HDU face. We had to carve and edge glue the face prior to laminating it to the frame with MAS epoxy since it was so big, 10' X 5' X 9". Then we started the whole sand, prime, paint and decorate cycle. So a month later and this morning we packed up the truck with all the tools we could think of loaded the sign and headed to Concord NH about 55 miles away. Murphy;s law says the further away from the shop the installation the more chance you will forget the crucial piece so we always over pack when traveling to install signs.

Merrimack County Savings Bank sign

It was a beautiful day, we get to the site and setup, drill and anchor all the brackets and then I went to get our little shop built boom and winch and of course it never got loaded on the truck! I flipped out for a few minutes and when I stopped bonking myself over the head we figured out a way to overcome it and got the job done. No sooner had we finished then the president of the bank returned from lunch and commented on how good it looked. I had to agree.

Peter Poanessa