Carved Wooden Sign With a Natural Finish

Acworth Woodworkers Restorations and Cabinetry

In the early days of Keene Signworx  we made almost exclusively wooden signs. But over the years and decades of watching the weather beat them up and using every method and material process to prevent it we slowly moved to longer lasting materials. Still we are wood workers and wood carvers at heart and thoroughly enjoy making a great wooden sign. In this case a local carpenter, who was mainly interested in high quality work, was renovating a local antique home on the common in Walpole NH. It was a summer long job with great visibility and he wanted a sign to put on the porch. He not only wanted a wooden sign but wanted some natural wood to show. We love this look but know the weathering issues and so now we design the natural wood finish in areas that are easy to re-finish in the future without disturbing the main painted finish. This sign is clear mahogany and is fully carved. The outer border is encapsulated in epoxy and then clear coated and the remainder is finished with enamels. The hand plane was raised relief carved and the primary lettering was gilded with 23K gold leaf.