Large dimensional sign with granite posts

Penacook Village sign with granite posts

This project was a dream job for us. It was at the request of the City of Concord NH the we submitted a proposal and quote for a gateway sign for the village of Penacook.

I was reluctant at first because only three shops were asked and the other two were from Concord. After a candid talk with Matthew Walsh the business development person I was assured it would come down to the actual designs and proposals and that it would be awarded at a single sit down meeting and vote. The project had a generous budgeted and I knew it would allow for something a little dramatic so I designed this with these large irregular granite posts. I was able to have them custom cut by Swenson Granite right from the quarry.

Penacook Village finished sign
Penacook Village sign side angle

I worked out the design to include the vectorized image of the tower on the local fire station which I though fit the design quite nicely. We were awarded the job but we were asked to replace the fire tower with the local church steeple. Oh well... I sat down at the computer and completed a very accurate vectored sketch of the church which we eventually used to cut the solid acrylic parts for the sign. We built this sign last fall just before we moved to the new shop and it was a large and complicated job. It is hard to tell because I don't have anyone in these photos but this thing is big. The Penacook line is at about eye level. We had to figure out a way to mount this sign that would allow for the irregularity of the granite and we needed to have enough structure to hold the posts together over the long run. The solution was a set of custom made steel brackets that were hidden by the sign. We make all our own brackets at Keene Signworx so we can engineer and fabricate a dependable structure for whatever we dream up. This project was a great success and I have a suspicion we might work with the City of Concord again soon.

Peter Poanessa