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Pearce Jewelers sign
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Being a passionate signmaker has its draw backs. For instance I see signs all over everyday that I find bordering on offensive. OK some I do find offensive. Most of the time it is simply that they were designed and built poorly and it bothers my sense of asthetics and craftsmanship. But there are some types of signs I really dislike. One of these are what the industry calls a light box sign. You have undoubtedly seem thousands maybe millions of these and it probably never dawned on you at all. Essentially they are a metal box with fluorescent lights inside and a plastic face. They're real advantage for retail businesses is the glow at night and so are visible after dark but they have very little aesthetic value. We avoid selling these for aesthetic reasons but also because at the subconscious level they shout cheap loud and clear.  The reality is they are a product we sometimes have to sell against so over time we have learned to design and build externally illuminated signs that not only look good but are well lit at night.  This brings me to today's post. It is about a sign we built for a jeweler in West Lebanon, about 60 miles from us. They had an old rotted wood sign and wanted to go with a new lightbox sign but had been searching for a shop to design it for a couple of years and were not happy with anything they had seen. An employee had seen some of our work and suggested they give us a call.  To shorten this a little I will say after a few meetings and some diligent design work we came up with a design they loved and I assured them it would illuminate great at night and still look great during the day.  Below are some shots of the sign in the shop being built and a few more after it was installed. Everyone involved was thrilled with the result and we had another portfolio piece that we could use in the future to show a prospective customer what we can do for them. Here is a shot of the top in progress. You can see the lamps we are going to use in the background here. This sign had many parts and this is the top.

Building Pearce Jewelers sign in the shop
working on the sign in the shop
Building Pearce Jewelers sign

It has a separate base that was finished with stucco, a changeable copy panel, a main body, a top and then the lights.  Of course this had a deadline we agreed to which was Thanksgiving day. Had to have it for black Friday you don't know. It was a real test for us and we got it done and installed at dark the day before. Below are some shots of the job start to finish.


Peter with Pearce Jewelers sign on the truck
Pearce Jewelers sign finished
Pearce Jewelers sign installed & standing
Peter Poanessa