Good Energy


I am just back from a trade show in Atlantic City which is a grueling 6 hour drive from Keene. I haven't been to this show in about ten years and was on the fence about going this year but for a call from a fabulously creative sign maker, Dan Sawatzky, asking me to come down. Dan's work is out of this world and has always impressed me so the chance to spend some time with him was enough to make me endure the drive. Here is a small sample of the type of Dan's shop does. 


I took two of his seminars and had the good fortune to share a lunch and dinner with him as well. In the end I was drawn into the Sawatzky vortex without even knowing it. Dan brings a unique perspective on the sign business and on life which for most of us sign geeks are one and the same.  As someone that has been passionate about making signs for decades it was great to feel so excited to get back to the work I love.

My 5am departure from Atlantic City was an attempt to get the drive over with as painlessly as possible but with Sawatzkyitis in my head and my mind wandering from idea to idea the trip was over before I knew it. Now its time to get back to work...or is it play? 

Peter Poanessa