Other great sign designs

Offshore Ale Company sign
Offshore Ale Company truck
Jamie's grill and pub

From time to time I will spotlight a sign I didn't make but either saw somewhere or go by everyday and admire. One aspect of being a sign geek is that the world looks like an art gallery to us. In truth most of the commercial sign design in our world is pretty poor but with so much of it out there some great work is sprinkled in. Of course some areas are much richer with great sign designs and that is usually the result of there being a great sign designer or two operating in a small enough area for the quality of work to really show. The first sign here, Offshore Ale Company, is from an unknown artist and we came across it on Martha's Vineyard. Of course it doesn't hurt that I love fresh brewed beer and the period look of so much beer art. It isn't real fancy but sometimes with sign design less is more and great designs don't need to be all frills...makes you kind of thirsty doesn't it?

An additional piece of eye candy is the antique truck parked out front, again nothing fancy but great proportions and choice of letter style, (these days called a font).

The second sign is for a pub & grill that is called Jamie's. I first saw this in a sign trade journal and liked it. Then a year or two later happened to be traveling and past by it. Of course I had to turn around and get a shot of it. This is another curse of being a sign geek. When we get back from a vacation our photos are usually more signs than sunsets. Anyway this is a very
expensive and fancy sign but does it work 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

New Cumberland Public Library

The final sign for today's post is another simple but very attractive and effective design for a small local library. I don't remember where it was or how long ago I shot this but I really like it. In our shop we build lots of very large very fancy carved signs as well as a boatload of basic stuff and sometimes a small simple sign will end up being the favorite because of a hard to explain character it possesses. Oh its great to love your work!

Peter Poanessa